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Summer Fuel System Maintenance at Graff Mt. Pleasant

During the summer months, it isn’t unusual for more drivers to plan longer trips on the road. That is why at Graff Mt. Pleasant we want you to understand the importance of your vehicle’s fuel system and how best to service and maintain it so you’re safe when you hit the road this season. In this part of our Summer Car Care Guide, you will learn the purpose of your vehicle’s fuel system, which can help to ensure your vehicle is using gas as efficiently as possible during your summer driving. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s maintenance needs, you can visit our FAQ page or our routine maintenance page for more tips and information. Or, feel free to stop by or give us a call, we’re here to help!

Understand the Importance of Your Fuel System

The fuel system is a very important component of your vehicle since it stores fuel for the function of the engine and ultimately provides power to your car, truck, or SUV. The parts include:

Your fuel system delivers stored fuel to the cylinder chamber where it is vaporized, mixed with oxygen, and then burned. This process produces power for your vehicle to run on. When you depress the accelerator pedal, gasoline in the fuel tank moves through the fuel lines by the fuel pump. The fuel then makes a journey from the fuel lines to the fuel filter and then into the fuel injector. The fuel injector then uses pressure to distribute gasoline into the engine’s intake manifold, where it is then delivered to the combustion chamber to produce power.

Summer Fuel System Maintenance Promotes Fuel Efficiency

A fuel system malfunction can not only negatively affect your vehicle’s performance, but also your safety. Furthermore, not responding to a fuel system issue can also result in high repair costs that could have been prevented with a simple inspection. To help you avoid this situation, we have outlined a few signs to look for that may indicate an issue with your fuel system. If you notice any of these symptoms, your vehicle’s fuel system may not be working properly:

If you are having any of the issues above, we highly recommend having your fuel system inspected and possibly repaired by the service experts at Graff Mt. Pleasant. During the summer season it can be helpful to have a routine maintenance check performed on your fuel system to prevent any of the incidences mentioned above.

A fuel system cleaning and a fuel filter replacement will help you ensure the proper function of your fuel system throughout the life of your vehicle. We recommend having your fuel filter replaced as preventative auto maintenance every 30,000 miles, or every two years. You can also schedule a fuel system cleaning, which involves removing fuel varnish build up, reducing the cylinder head deposits, and removing the intake valve deposits. A fuel system cleaning is not required, and it may not be necessary if you have not experienced any of the symptoms above. However, if you are unsure about whether to have your fuel system cleaned or not, contact our knowledgeable technicians to learn more about your vehicle’s specific needs. To keep your vehicle performing efficiently and effectively, it is also important to always utilize clean fuel.

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No one wants to experience a poorly functioning vehicle with exciting summer travel plans approaching! If your vehicle experiences any of the fuel system symptoms above, a routine inspection may be exactly what you need. Our team of helpful ASE Certified technicians have the experience to inspect, repair, and replace any part of your fuel system, as well as any other part of your vehicle. Look no further for your summer car care needs and schedule your fuel system maintenance appointment with Graff Mt. Pleasant. Our dealerships are located at 4580 E. Pickard Rd. (Chevrolet) and 116 N. Mission St. (Buick GMC Cadillac) in Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858. Schedule your appointment online or call (989) 773-3937 or (989) 773-3917. We are happy to serve the Mt. Pleasant including Midland, Alma, Big Rapids, Clare, and St. Louis.