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Vehicle Fluid Changes & Top-Offs for Spring at Graff Mt. Pleasant

There are many types of fluids that run through your vehicle and they all perform different functions lending to your car’s performance and efficiency. Because these fluids help your car run, they need to be inspected, changed, or topped off routinely. Since the spring season brings about more road trips, messier conditions, and warmer temperatures, there are a few critical fluids you should check up on. See which vehicle fluids you need to have changed or topped-off for the spring season below:

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Schedule an Oil Change or Fluid Top-Off at Graff Mt. Pleasant

Your vehicle's fluids are just as important as any other component, so don't forget about them! When you schedule an oil change or any other service at Graff Mt. Pleasant, we'll provide a multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle and its fluids are in good condition. And, if needed, we can provide top-offs of fluids like your windshield wiper fluid, so you can travel safely. We proudly serve the Mt. Pleasant area and nearby communities including Midland, Big Rapids, Clare, Alma, St. Louis, and Ithaca. Schedule your next oil change or Spring Car Care appointment online or by calling (989) 773-3937 (Graff Chevy) or (989) 773-3917 (Graff Buick GMC Cadillac).