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Steering & Suspension System Service at Graff Mt. Pleasant

The suspension and steering system on your car, truck, SUV, or crossover helps keep your vehicle handling securely. It also ensures that your ride is smooth and comfortable. When your suspension system is well maintained, it helps support your vehicle’s weight and keeps the tires in contact with the road. This provides better traction and keeps you securely in control of your vehicle.

When the suspension system isn’t working the way it should, your vehicle suffers extra damage from the extra vibrations and wear when you travel on a bumpy or dirt road. It’s also very important when it comes to your safety since as this system keeps all four of your vehicle’s tires on the road, providing the traction possible for better braking and steering capabilities. If you are concerned about your suspension and/or steering systems, set up an appointment with us to have one of our ASE certified technicians give it a thorough inspection.

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The steering and suspension inspection includes:

At the Graff Mt. Pleasant Service Centers, our experts are proud of the superior craftsmanship and timely process that we offer our customers. Our GM Certified service technicians are skilled in servicing and repairing the steering and suspension systems of all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. You can either set up a service appointment on our Schedule an Appointment page or by giving us a call at (989) 773-3937 (Graff Chevrolet) or (989) 773-3917 (Graff Buick GMC Cadillac).