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Make Sure Your Heating & Ventilation System is Working for Fall

Once the temperatures start to drop, your vehicle’s heating and ventilation system can turn a frigid car ride into a cozy escape from the cold weather outside. With Michigan’s unpredictable weather in mind, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle’s heating and ventilation systems are up to speed before the snow starts to fall! Not only do these systems keep you warm during the cold seasons, they also regulate your engine temperature and are an important safety component for your vehicle, too! Your windows and windshield can fog up during the cold weather and develop ice on the exterior of your vehicle. The heating and ventilation system in your vehicle can defrost your windows, allowing you to see everything on the road.

By having your heating and ventilation system inspected this fall, you can prepare for the winter season and drive safer on the roads! Read on to learn how to inspect your vehicle's heating and ventilation system and how to spot signs that a component in the system may be damaged.

How Your Heating and Ventilation System Works and What It Does

Made up of various components, your heating and ventilation system works to help your cabin stay warm and defrost and defog your windshield to improve your vision. These are some of the different components of the system:

Your heating and ventilation system starts with the coolant. Your engine’s coolant helps to regulate the temperature under your hood, absorbing your engine’s heat. This heat is then stored and transferred to your radiator, which distributes the heat to the heater core and pushes it through your vents by the blower fan. You can then regulate the airflow and temperature through the control panel in your vehicle’s cabin.

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Signs Your Heating & Ventilation Components Aren’t Working Properly

Vehicle Heater is Blowing Cold Air
One of the most obvious signs that your heater isn’t working properly is if it blows cold air instead of warm air. This could be a variety of problems, including a stuck thermostat valve, a plugged heater core, coolant not flowing through the heater core, or air in the cooling system. So, make sure to schedule a service appointment with our team right away if the issue persists.

Vehicle Vents are Blowing No Air
If this occurs, your air blower fan has probably stopped functioning properly and you may need to have it repaired or replaced. Bring it into one of our Graff Mt. Pleasant Service Centers to have it looked at right away!

Strange Smells Coming from the Vents
Do you smell something sweet coming from the vents of your car? This could mean a coolant leak has occurred, which can result in a puddle of bright colored fluid appearing underneath your vehicle. If you smell a musty scent, this could mean that your vehicle has mildew or mold in your air filter. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any health risks!

Vehicle Cabin Fogs Up
If a coolant leak occurs in your vehicle, your windows and windshield can fog up suddenly. This happens because when the leaking coolant evaporates in the engine, it’s pushed through the vents as steam. If you experience this, schedule an appointment at our Service Center soon, as this can lead to your engine overheating and causing internal damage.

Engine Overheats
An engine overheating can cause severe damage to several important parts of your vehicle and can require extensive repairs. Your engine can become overheated due to a coolant leak, an issue with the heating system, or another factor, but it should be treated as a serious problem all the same. If you are experiencing overheating with your engine, schedule an inspection immediately.

Lack of Temperature Control in the Cabin
Is nothing changing when you turn the temperature knobs on your vehicle? This could be a problem with your thermostat, which regulates the airflow in your vehicle’s cabin. When it’s broken, it’s unable to recognize the temperature in your cabin and cannot change it accordingly. Call us to set up an appointment to get your thermostat inspected if this occurs!

Schedule Heating & Ventilation Inspection at Graff Mt. Pleasant

Keep cozy this fall season and schedule a heating and ventilation inspection at Graff Mt. Pleasant today! Our certified staff knows the importance of vehicle safety and has made it their priority to ensure that you have a safe experience on the road. We can inspect and repair your heating and ventilation system in your car, truck, SUV, or crossover in a mere matter of minutes! Schedule your next routine maintenance appointment without even leaving your couch online, or by calling us at our Chevrolet dealership (989-773-3937) or our Buick GMC Cadillac dealership (989-773-3917). Our Graff Chevrolet Service Centers are located at 4580 E. Pickard Rd. Mt Pleasant, MI, and 116 N. Mission St., Mt. Pleasant, MI. We’re proud to serve the Mid-Michigan area including Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Ithaca, St. Louis, Rosebush, Alma, and beyond!