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Graff Mt. Pleasant Accident Assistance

What To Do If You've Been In An Accident
Accident Assistance & Collision Repair Service

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Step 3
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Step 5
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Step 1:
Check for Injuries

  • You should always check to see if anyone in your vehicle, or anyone else involved in the accident, has any injuries.
  • If injuries are suspected, call 911 for medical help right away.

Step 2:
Move to a Safe Location

  • If possible, move your car off the road to a safe location, such as an adjacent parking lot.
  • If your car must remain on the road or on the shoulder, be sure to warn other drivers by using your hazard lights.

Step 3:
Call the Police

  • Even if there are no injuries, you should call the police to report the accident.
  • The police will let you know if an officer will need to come to the scene to prepare an accident report.
  • Remain at the scene until the police have finished.

Step 4:
Exchange Information

  • Exchange insurance information with all involved drivers.
  • You should also get names and contact info.
  • Record the report number and responding officer’s name.

Step 5:
Assess the Damage

  • Check your vehicle thoroughly and make note of any damage.
  • Point out damage to responding officers. Take photos.
  • If your vehicle is not drivable, call for roadside assistance.

Step 6:
Report Your Claim

  • Call your insurance company to report your claim.
  • Your insurance company will give you a claim number, which you will need to provide to your collision center.

Step 7:
Schedule a Collision Appointment

  • Schedule an appointment with the Graff Mt. Pleasant Collision Center online or over the phone.
  • Our GM certified technicians will take it from there, and provide a rental car if need be.

Get Your Collision Repairs Covered at Graff
Insurance Coverage for Your Collision Needs

Your Collision Repairs are Covered at Hank Graff Mt. Pleasant

While no one wants to find themselves in an accident, it is helpful to know what needs to be done to handle an insurance claim after an accident. Knowing exactly what is needed in this situation can take a lot of the stress out of the process and makes handling an insurance claim easy. Graff Mt. Pleasant’s Collision Center is here to help you understand what to do if you’ve been in an accident, including how to get your vehicle repaired. Graff Mt. Pleasant makes the entire process easy so that you don’t have to stress about your auto body and collision repairs.

At the Graff Mt. Pleasant Collision Center located at our Chevrolet dealership, we repair all makes and models, both foreign and domestic, and are a direct collision repair shop for many major car insurance companies. Our repair shop serves the Mt. Pleasant and Mid-Michigan area including Roscommon, St. Johns, Gladwin, Shepherd, and Beaverton. We work with all insurance companies and offer a lifetime guarantee on paint, as well as our repair work. Plus, the Graff Mt. Pleasant Repair Team is proud to meet and exceed insurance company standards for turnaround time!

Let Graff Mt Pleasant Handle It!
It Could Save You More Than You Think

What Happens After An Accident?

If you are involved in an auto accident, you should always call the police. At the scene of the accident, you will need to gather three important pieces of information that will be necessary for your insurance claim:

Once you submit your insurance claim, your claims adjuster may request for you to get an estimate of repair costs, especially in the event of simple insurance claims (e.g., minimal damage to vehicles, no medical treatment required, no fault assigned by the responding officer). We’re here to help at the Graff Mt. Pleasant Collision Center and can give you a FREE repair estimate. We can also meet with your claims adjuster to provide them with the estimate of how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. Before we begin any repairs, we will share this information with you as well, and won’t start any repairs until your approval is received.

We are experts when it comes to accidents and vehicle damage. It is because of this that we are able to move the repair process along quickly. Since we work directly with insurance companies, we can ensure that you get back on the road quickly in a vehicle that looks and performs like new.

Insurance Information About Settlement Offers

Once the claims adjuster has examined the claim and reviewed your policy, they will present you with a settlement offer. The offer is the amount the insurance company is willing to pay on the claim you have submitted. If you feel that your insurance company’s settlement offer is too low, you may be able to negotiate, especially if you are able to research and find examples of other drivers being offered more for similar damage.

Remember that each situation is different, and if your auto insurance claim is denied, there are many legitimate reasons as to why this has happened. Many times, the accident claim denial is related to limits in your coverage. We would advise you to work with your insurance agent to check the denial letter pertaining to your coverage policy. Your agent can be your best resource.

In situations of total loss, the offer is typically fair but could be on the low side. If you feel your offer is too low, be sure to research your claim as you may find that others in a similar situation have been offered more!

In any case, our team members at the Graff Mt. Pleasant Collision Center are here to help you. Our Collision staff has years of experience in handling insurance claims, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. As your local Mt. Pleasant area insurance claim experts, we are dedicated to helping you get back into your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. The Graff Mt. Pleasant Collision Center is located at 4580 E. Pickard Rd., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858. To learn more about all the ways we can help you with collision repairs and insurance information, call us at 989-773-3937. We are the accident repair and insurance claim experts for Mt. Pleasant, Coleman, Higgins Lake, Alma, Midland, and beyond!