Winter Brake Care and Service at Graff Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Is your vehicle having trouble stopping on the roads this winter that have been made slick by snow and ice? If you have a good set of tires, your problem could be your brakes. Icy roads will make it difficult enough to stop your vehicle on, but if your brakes are worn and not working optimally your car could slide farther than anticipated into a dangerous spot. Winter brake care is essential to ensuring your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle can stop on icy roads, and there’s no better place to get your winter brake care and service than at Graff Chevrolet, Mt. Pleasant!

Signs Your Brakes Need Inspection, Repair, or Replacement

Did you know you should have your brakes inspected at least every 18,000 miles? If your brakes aren’t in the proper condition to handle harsh winter weather, you could find yourself in dangerous situations on the roads. Fortunately, there are a few clear signs your brakes need inspection, repair, or replacement, including:

  • Vehicle’s brake system warning light turns on – It’s tempting to ignore warning lights on our vehicle’s dashboards because you may think it’s something minor or fear having to pay for vehicle maintenance. We recommend you address all warning lights that show up, but the brake system warning light needs to be taken seriously.
  • Vehicle’s brake pedal vibrates – This could mean a number of things, it could be that your brake pads aren’t gripping properly due to oil or debris, or that there are issues with your break disks and alignment. Or, you may have worn out suspension components - all of which greatly reduce the effectiveness of your brakes.
  • Braking performance is inconsistent – This is another issue that can be attributed to a number of malfunctioning parts, so if you're experiencing this inconsistency, have an inspection done as soon as possible.
  • Vehicle’s brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor - Usually this means you have an issue with your brake fluid or that the brake pads are very worn. Either way, it’s not safe to drive with a vehicle with brakes that aren’t fully responsive.
  • You hear screeching or grinding when you brake – Bring your car in immediately. That screeching noise means you have worn down the brake pads completely and it is now metal on metal, doing serious damage to your brake disks and costing you a whole lot more in repairs than a new pair of brake pads would.
  • You can smell a burning odor – This means that your brake pads have overheated from use. When this happens, a glaze will develop on the brake pad once it cools down causing your braking performance to suffer as the disc may begin to slip through the clutches of the pad.
  • Brakes are shedding metallic flakes – This is another sign that your brake pads have worn down and there is now metal on metal contact when you are trying to brake. This issue should be addressed immediately.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your brakes, we recommend you have them inspected before every season, especially winter, just to be sure.

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If you’ve experienced any of the signs above, it’s important you bring your vehicle to the our Dealership Service Center at 4580 E. Pickard Rd. or 116 N. Mission Street in Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858! Whether you need a brake inspection, repair, or replacement, our team will ensure your vehicle is prepared to keep you safe on the road this winter. You can schedule your winter brake care and auto service at Graff Mt. Pleasant Online. Our Certified Service Center is well equipped with an expert team of mechanics who can inspect, repair, and replace your brakes, and also answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s brakes. Chevrolet Dealership a call at (989) 773-3937 and our Buick, GMC, Cadillac Dealership at (989) 773-3917. We look forward to seeing and servicing our neighbors in Midland, Ithaca, Alma, Clare, Big Rapids, and beyond!

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