How to Know You Need a Wheel Alignment This Spring

After the winter season, you begin to see the damage done to roads caused by ice and salt. Roadways get potholes, dirt roads become damaged and bumpy, and gravel can cover the streets. These factors can take a toll on your vehicle and throw off your wheel’s alignment. If your wheels are not aligned during the spring season you may cause more damage to your vehicle, and its performance may suffer and could become difficult to operate. Getting a seasonal spring alignment will not only help your vehicle perform better but help with its fuel economy and can even extend the life of your tires. At Graff Mt. Pleasant, we can help inspect vehicle alignment and make any adjustments as needed. Here are some signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment:

  • Tires often squeal

  • Steering wheel vibrates while driving

  • Tires have visible, uneven tread wear

  • Car pulls to one side while driving

  • Steering wheel is turned while traveling straight

Signs You Need to Have Your Suspension Inspected or Serviced

Your vehicle’s suspension performs a lot of important functions. The most important function is controlling the bounce and impact that your car receives while driving. Other functions also include making sure you have consistent handling while driving, helping your vehicle not roll or sway, and helping your tires stay in contact with the road. Spring suspension service is especially important due to the rough road conditions your vehicle may have experienced through the winter and may continue to encounter through spring. Take a look at these signs that your suspension system may need to be serviced this spring:

  • You experience a rough ride while driving

  • You experience excessive bounce on rough roads

  • Your car has hard steering

  • Your car experiences nose-dive stopping

  • You have a low riding height for your vehicle

  • You have a heavy tipping feeling when turning

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Schedule Wheel Alignments or Suspension Service Online at Graff Mt. Pleasant

The vehicle’s alignment and suspension systems are very important for the spring season travels. These two systems ensure your safety on the road and can impact your vehicle’s overall performance and efficiency. If your vehicle suffers from any of the signs listed above, contact the experts at either Graff Mt. Pleasant Service Center location. Our team of certified technicians can help you with any alignment and suspension services that will keep you stay safe on the roads during the spring season, and many seasons to come. Our service centers are conveniently located at 4580 E. Pickard Rd. and 116 N. Mission St. We take pride in serving the Mt. Pleasant area and nearby areas including Big Rapids, Clare, Midland, Alma, Ithaca, and St. Louis. Schedule your alignment and suspension appointment online or call us at (989) 773-3937 or (989) 773-3917.

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